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Merry Christmas from Matt :) 

Merry Christmas from Matt :) 

Exciting News!

Twists and Turns is getting turned into a cabaret show!

It’s currently scheduled to be premiere in February next year, and will tour around Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. 

They’ve already reached their funding goal, but more money raised means a more fabulous show! Plus, you can still get a signed pair of Funky Trunks for $100 :O 

You can find more info and donate here

klainergasm asked: I just attended a Rainbow Dinner and had the honour of sharing a table with this incredible man! He was interviewed on stage and was very open and honest about the things he talked about in his book and life. He is truly an inspiration and I feel very lucky that I got to meet him.

That’s so awesome!

Have any other followers met Matt? 


Matt won the 3m finals at the Asia Pacific Diving Invitational! Looks like the transition from 10m to 3 is going well… 


Matt won the 3m finals at the Asia Pacific Diving Invitational! Looks like the transition from 10m to 3 is going well… 


Sochi- I think anyone who cares about gay people should Boycott the Opening and Closing Ceremonies- athletes, fans, TV Coverage, NBC/Broadcasters. I wouldn’t advocate boycotting the Games- that only hurts the athletes, but if Russia gets any worse- I can’t see anything but a Boycott having any impact on them. IOC officals claim they have assurances from Russian officals that no gay athletes or fans will be subjected to the new laws; however, recently - the minister of Russian Sports said this is a lie- if anyone displays ‘gay propaganda’ they WILL be arrested. Gangs of Skin Heads are luring gay men through personal ads, then beating them senseless- all while the police turn a blind eye to it/refuse to prosecute.

Hello again followers!

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer. I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately; things have been kinda quiet on the Matt front so there’s not a lot to post. 

One of the things Matt has been tweeting about recently is the Sochi Olympics and how out athletes should handle the situation in Russia. If you’re not aware of what’s going on, here’s a good article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/30/russia-anti-gay-olympic-games-sochi_n_3676311.html?ir=Gay+Voices

There’s been talk of a boycott from the US and other countries, but many gay athletes (such as Blake Skjellerup) have said that’s not the right move.

Personally, I don’t think a boycott really helps anyone; gay athletes would miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it won’t stop Russia from discriminating. I think the best possible outcome would be for an out Olympian to win and for media around the world to cover it. Given that there haven’t been a ton of out Olympians in the past, I think it’s also important for straight allies to speak out and show their support. 

I guess my dream would be that something like this happens again. Even though the Olympics are supposed to be about uniting beyond politics, a moment like this demands action. 

So I’m curious followers: how do you think LGBTQ activists/athletes should handle the upcoming Olympics?